Discover our collection F&B Service designed to enhance your teams' skills and guarantee exceptional customer experiences. This training is divided into three key areas: 

Hosting in restaurants : Create lasting first and last impressions that build customer loyalty.

Service skills : Master the golden rules and essential techniques of F&B service.

Optimizing the guest experience : Learn how to adapt your service to suit your customers' situations and preferences, for a tailor-made experience.

Discover the captivating world of  WINE SERVICE & KNOWLEDGE with 3 exciting modules for your teams:

The sommelier's guide : Immerse yourself in the history, vocabulary and subtleties of this art.

Wine service : Master the art of expertly recommending, decanting and serving wine.

Wine tasting : Become an expert wine taster, learn how to detect flaws in wine and create food and wine pairings worthy of professionals

Awaken excellence in the art of mixology with the collection THE BAR" centered around 4 essential modules: 

Mixology : Discover this fun yet demanding world, its vocabulary and equipment, through Cyril's all-consuming passion.

Bar skills : Discover how to prepare and enhance your cocktails.

Bar - DIY : Learn how to make your own garnishes, spirits and bitters, using your ingenuity to stand out. 

Classic cocktails: : Discover and learn how to prepare the world's great classics.

Elevate your teams' expertise with our Collection " THE PRODUCTS"based on product expertise. 

Spirits : Unlock the secrets of spirits by exploring their history, production methods and origins in a sobering way.

Tea and Coffee : A simple and effective module to learn the basics about tea and coffee.

These modules boost your employees' confidence and prepare them to share their expertise with confidence, offering enriched interactions with your customers.

Discover our collection HYGIENE"a must-have resource for tackling a sensitive subject with ease. Learn the simple rules and principles to apply on a daily basis to maintain high hygiene standards. 

Hygiene in service : Simplify a complex subject. Equip your staff with the skills they need to guarantee impeccable service with complete confidence.

Your employees will be better prepared to maintain high hygiene standards and deliver quality service to your customers, thereby enhancing your reputation.

Optimize the guest experience and the success of your hotel with our " BREAKFAST".

Breakfast service : is a key moment in the customer's experience and in the hotel's success. Your team will learn how to develop the right gestures to guarantee customer satisfaction and work efficiently.

Train your teams effectively in this essential service for the satisfaction of your customers and the success of your establishment. 

Develop your skills and those of your team with our collection about " F&B MANAGEMENT".

F&B Management: Reveal your potential using the tools and tips at your disposal. Becoming an irreproachable manager is now just a click away.

Wine management : Take a holistic approach to developing your wine list, managing inventory and structuring your pricing policy.

Strengthen your management skills with ease!

Discover our collection  « FRONT OFFICE » dedicated to hospitality excellence. 

Front office operational techniques: We take a straightforward look at how to prepare your guests' stay, from arrival to departure. Welcome to the world of hotels!

Front Office Management: Reveal your potential using the tools and tips at your disposal to conduct an impeccable briefing.

Elevate your team's excellence with our collection "HOUSEKEEPING" based on 2 modules:

Housekeeping operational techniques: Discover the products and processes to be applied on a daily basis for greater efficiency and less fatigue.

Housekeeping management: Learning how to conduct an impeccable briefing, ensuring excellent communication and managing inventories simply and effectively is now just a click away!

Develop your team's skills to excel on a daily basis with the collection "KEY WORKPLACE COMPETENCIES" based on 2 modules:

Personal efficiency : Gain efficiency by structuring your work, your thoughts and your goals. Say goodbye to procrastination and time thieves!

Keys to communication : Patrick reveals the keys to communication, from brain preferences to relational intelligence. Learn the art of giving and receiving the precious gift called feedback.

Give your team the essential skills in « MANAGEMENT & LEADERSHIP » with this 2-module collection.

Management Fundamentals : Explore the fundamentals of management, from creating a productive work environment to fostering a culture of recognition. These skills form the basis of effective leadership!

Keys to leadership : Unleash your team's leadership with practical tools and advice. Creating a motivating environment, conducting recruitment interviews and strengthening team cohesion are now just a click away.

Transform your revenues by mastering the art of REVENUE MANAGEMENT. Decode the fundamentals, KPIs and tips to optimize your results.

Revenue Management FundamentalsThis module demystifies and clarifies what revenue management is all about.

Understanding KPIs and Revenue Management : Master Key Performance Indicators to boost your results.

From Theory to Practice: : Discover tips for effective day-to-day revenue management, while avoiding common pitfalls. 


Your teams learn the fundamentals to stand out from the crowd and avoid grooming "faux pas". 

The collection « FRENCH EMPLOYMENT LAW " has been created to support executives, managers and human resources managers in managing employment contracts, from their conclusion to their termination.

With generosity and simplicity, Xaxier Berjot shares the keys to working in compliance with the law and your employees.