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69,00€ ex VAT

Monthly &
per restaurant

30 logins

90 Tutos /
6 collections
Logo Tutotel

69,00€ ex VAT

Monthly & per hotel


78 Tutos /

6 collections

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99,00€ ex VAT

Monthly & per hotel


168 Tutos /

12 collections

149,00€ ex VAT

Monthly & per hotel



168 Tutos /
12 collections

Tutoreca / Tutotel / Tutoresto
Tutoreca Premium
Scalable User IDs: purchase more IDs as needed
2€ ex VAT
3 € ex VAT
Access a white-label space with your logo and personalized content
49 € / month
Manage Multiple Properties with One Account
Analytics: Access detailed insights into user performance
Manually Assign collections as needed
Create one Custom Learning Paths: Tailor learning experiences to your property needs
Create Multiple Learning Paths: Tailor learning experiences for each position
User Roles: Assign "Manager" or "Learner" role to your team
User Roles: Assign "Administrator" and "Trainer" role to your team
Team Management by Division and Department

Frequently-asked questions

Subscriptions are sold per property.

- 50 logins are included in the Tutoreca subscription.

- 30 logins are included in the Tutoresto or Tutotel subscription.

Additional logins can be purchased upon subscription.

Tutoreca offers full access to hotel, F&B and leadership training content.

Tutotel offers access to hospitality and leadership training content.

Tutoresto offers access to F&B training content.

Yes, a dashboard is available for managers to assign tutorials and notify the recipient via a two-way notification system. So you can see individual and team progress at a glance.

A personal dashboard is also available for each user.

Yes, your comfort is our top priority!

Another question ?

Are you ready to modernize your welcome booklet and reinvent your training courses?

Tutoreca offers a complete service for creating personalized, turnkey tutorials tailored to your needs!

Turn your welcome booklets, standard procedures and knowledge into captivating tutorials to reinforce your company's image as an employer of choice.

Tell us about your specific needs, and our team of experts will take care of every step of the process!

Benefit from Tutoreca's flexibility, quality and know-how to energize your online training courses and offer a unique learning experience.

F&B and Hospitality Consulting: Our team of experts is by your side to support you in every aspect of your business!

A project?

The Tutoreca team is here to support you step by step, from the creation of your concept to its execution, including market research, pricing strategy, recruitment, training and much more.

Another objective? 

On-site F&B and Hospitality training sessions with our experts

Contact us to book the service of one of our experts in F&B, Hospitality or Management & Leadership.