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Tutoreca is an E-learning platform designed to train your hotel and F&B teams through 169 3-minute tutorials, rich in infographics, tips and practical advice shared by our recognized experts in their respective fields. 

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Découvrez la méthode Tutoreca sur Youtube

Besoin de tutoriels efficaces et captivants ? Explorez notre sélection de tutoriels courts et concrets sur YouTube. Grâce à des infographies et des mises en scène dynamiques, nos tutoriels développent les schémas de pensée nécessaires pour répondre aux attentes des clients, maîtriser les gestes techniques et ancrer les notions clés chez l’apprenant. Rejoignez-nous pour une formation pratique et pertinente !
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Discover the Tutoreca method on YouTube

Need effective, captivating tutorials? Explore our selection of short, practical tutorials on YouTube. Using infographics and dynamic staging, our tutorials develop the thinking patterns needed to meet guest expectations, master technical gestures and anchor key notions in the learner. Join us for practical, relevant training!
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Lire la vidéo

Discover Tutoreca’s features

This video is designed for those who want to explore Tutoreca’s features before subscribing, or for new users who want to discover how to use our platform, which has been designed to be user-friendly, intuitive and easy to use.

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